Photo by:  Melissa Kilner

Photo by: Melissa Kilner


My Beginning: 


My love for coordinating and design started over a decade ago. My mother was extremely crafty and creative, and took me to different classes where my love for creativity and design began to grow. I eventually started helping friends and family plan their weddings and events. I instantly fell in love with the excitement of pulling together the last-minute details and executing the visions they had in mind. Most of all, I loved being able to ease the stress of others so they can relax and enjoy the experience. I realized I had a keen ability to ease client's anxiety and operate well in fast paced environments while thinking quickly on my feet. I was hooked on taking visions and turning them into a reality.  

Photo by: Lockhart Studios

Photo by: Lockhart Studios


My Mission: 

To ensure a unique and fulfilling celebration experience, leave all those pesky little details to me. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

A few facts...


"A good planner can save you five to 10 percent on your wedding, so sometimes it can come out where the service fees [wedding planner fees] are an even wash". (source) 


"Nearly 1 in 3 couples hire or use an event/wedding planner, with more than half of those brides hiring them for day-of coordination (52%)". (source)


You should be 100% in the moment on your wedding day. A wedding planner is able to facilitate all the pesky day of details that will provide you with a "more relaxed and more romantic experience" on your wedding day. (source) 
Photo by:  Rick Takag i 

Photo by: Rick Takag