Photo by:  Jessica Murray

Photo by: Jessica Murray

About mychelle:

Owner, Idea generator, problem solver

She is a creative problem solver bursting with contagious enthusiasm. A positive can-do attitude manifested in excitement for bringing her arts and crafts visions to a unique reality in her home workshop. A nitro cold brew coffee survivor, simmering with endless inspiration originally hailing from Michigan via college in Hilo, Hawaii, she loves to workout, and lives for self expression. Social and sincere above all, exuding confidence. Early riser with a sharp sense of humor that cant wait to get each day started, like a caffeinated energizer bunny on a mission of fun and fulfillment.  


Quirks about Mychelle:

+Whenever she gets down time she likes to get out and explore

+ Mother of two fur babies (all bark no bite) 

+ Travels, but not that much. 

+ Self certified Bloody Mary Connoisseur 

+ Huge fan of: Detroit Lions, Tigers and the Michigan Wolverines 

+ Masters in Quick Wit and a Minor in Sarcasm