What our clients are saying.....

We really don’t know how our wedding would have come together as well as it did were it not for Mychelle and all her hard work as our day-of coordinator. From the beginning, Mychelle had spreadsheets, calendar reminders and emails for every step of the big day. I greatly appreciated how organized she was and I was confident that we wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. She thought of logistics that we hadn’t thought of, and coordinated behind-the-scenes aspects of our day. We literally had the best party of our lives disguised as a wedding, and Mychelle handled everything! If there was a problem, Mychelle handled it- without inhibiting our fun. The very best thing was all the positive feedback from the venue and our caterer about what a pleasure it was working with Mychelle. That meant a lot because not only is she professional, she is also fun, kind, thoughtful, incredibly organized and intelligent. You won’t find a better value in a day-of coordinator. Thank you Mychelle for making our wedding day so flawless! You rock! -Jessica Vong
I have known Mychelle for years and when it was time to plan my wedding day she instantly came to mind. She is the most organized, thoughtful and passionate wedding planner (and person) you will ever meet. It is obvious upon meeting her that she is not only capable of pulling off any event or wedding but she will do it with gusto and passion. She was prepared for all possible scenarios and handled a lot of the tough situations that I frankly didn’t have the time or energy to deal with on my wedding day. By letting her handle all the details of our wedding day we were truly able to be in the moment and enjoy the day. The venue and other vendors loved working with her and my family and friends adored her. If you are looking for a hardworking, compassionate, qualified professional to help make your wedding all you want it to be than Mychelle is your girl. I cannot thank her enough for all she did for us.
— Hugs and Love, Courtney and Tyler Shore
Mychelle was such a blessing with helping us coordinate our wedding day. We really felt that we could do this all on our own and would be fine since it was a smaller wedding. We had all of our vendors in place and then I started realizing all of the little details I hadn’t thought about. Like who is going to set everything up and make sure we know how and where to walk?Mychelle offered some ideas that we didn’t even think about and set up a timeline with all of our vendors for the big day so that we didn’t have to communicate back and forth with them.
Mychelle’s experience helped us greatly and she was so professional and also a very supportive friend. We were lucky to know Mychelle prior to our wedding, but again we were working with a professional and we couldn’t have asked for a better wedding day coordinator. I was able to get my hair and makeup done on site and not have to worry about a thing. There were a couple of snafus that day that were very minor, but I still never heard about anything until we talked to our close friends after the honeymoon!
I would recommend Mychelle in a heartbeat to anyone that is planning a wedding. Big wedding or a more intimate one doesn’t matter because she can work wonders either way! And if you think you can do this all on your own you probably can if you’re some kind of super hero, but who wants to stressed on their wedding day? Thanks for everything, Mychelle!
Much love,
Derek and Amanda Atwood
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